This technique is like giving yourself a face massage. As an Esthetician before massaging the clients face; I would massage their shoulders, neck and décolleté. The reason for this is to get the lymphatic moving for proper elimination during a facial. What is your main focus? Is it your neck, jowls, or forehead.

Study these movements.

When you purchase HAWAIIAN BEAUTY ANTI-AGING CUPPING OIL for face and body or travel size HAWAIIAN BEAUTY FACIAL OIL you will have access to my home video of what I did to give myself a "NATURAL FACELIFT".


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Before cupping ask your Doctor if this right for you!

Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor. Before starting any DETOX or WEIGHT LOSS program, consult your physician. Cupping is known to stimulate movement, flush toxins, increase circulation, smooth cellulite, tighten, tone, contour, promote cell repair, improve elasticity, stimulate collagen, increase blood flow, relieve muscle tension etc. Consult with Physician to see if cupping is right for you! Avoid cupping on Broken skin, Capillaries, varicose veins, bleeding, anemia, inflamed tissue, injuries, CANCER, diabetes, kidney and live dysfunction, edema, medications, blood thinners, skin issues, etc. If Pregnant ask your Doctor before cupping and NEVER CUP on stomach or lower back when Pregnant.  

"I am one who usually gets Botox every 3 months. I have had fillers and have had injections and work done for my jowls many times. June 15, 2020 I got Botox and by July 10, 2020 my skin felt and looked so old, puffy and saggy.

In a little over a month(July 10, 2020- Sept  7, 2020) using Kona Kiss Natural Facelift my skin was transformed!

My double chin disappeared and my jowls were tighter, my eyebrows lifted, neck looked hydrated and more youthful, fine lines and wrinkles were smoother."

Here is a before and after picture a little over 1 month. "

Daily I focus on the ANTI-AGING Inside and Out!

Before cupping face, neck and décolleté; Apply HAWAIIAN BEAUTY ANTI-AGING CUPPING OIL (Facial oil in travel size) everyday for 5 minute cupping; really focusing on the areas of concern. Follow up with GOLDEN PERFECTION(use morning and night). 

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"This is what Kona Kiss and doTerra has done for me within 3 months of facial cupping and using all natural anti-aging products on my body and internally.

This post makes me cry. I see the puffiness, the pain, and the aging in this picture on the left, and I am absolutely blown away at the transformation as I look at the picture on the right!

This is what toxin build up can do.
I became very sick and within 2 months I went from being a busy mom of 4/gym girl, to inflamed with raging autoimmune disease issues, very emotionally down, significant weight gain, and unable to walk our dog around the block. I was sick and what I was currently using wasn't working. 

It was a game changer when I started using Kona Kiss on my body and doTERRA in & on my body. The healing began, I lost inches, the toxins are leaving me, my face is more lifted, my energy is up, I am back in the gym and toning my body and building muscle, and my emotions balanced. ❤🙌

I'm learning self love and fighting to get my life not only back, but better than ever!
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None of us think that toxin overload is real, or a big deal, until it happens to us or someone we love. What we put in our bodies, on our bodies, and what we breath, and what we believe about ourselves, truly matters!

You are worthy of self love and healing. 💕

*No makeup is worn in these pictures other than a small amount of eyebrow pencil in after picture. These are real images. Please do not message me claiming they are edited or with hurtful comments. I had to be very brave to share them and I hope they give someone hope. Kona Kiss and doTerra are amazing products and I'm so grateful to be able to use these products and heal. Praise God!  Philippians 4: 4-9"