Product Information

Kona Kiss® delivers botanical nutrients from nature to your skin with an exclusive, spa-quality product line made from luxurious tropical butters and exquisite oils, featuring Hawaiian ingredients. Indulge in 100% PURE WATERLESS luxury made the Aloha way!

If you are unfamiliar with using waterless formulas, please allow your skin approximately one week to adjust to using our products. A little Kona Kiss goes a long way! When applying, please use less than half of what you would use with a water-based product.  Should you prefer lighter-weight hydration, simply add a small amount of product to you palm, along with an equal amount of water, then mix and apply.  Do not introduce water into the container.

We do not add water nor water-based ingredients to our products for two reasons: 1) Water promotes the growth of bacteria and mold, which is one reason why many manufacturers might use chemical preservatives, many of which can be toxic to the body. 2) In addition to this, when you purchase water-based products, you are often paying for more than 50% water! Because we do not use water in the formulation of our products, our customers receive the full benefit of applying chemical-free, waterless products to their skin, and additionally are not purchasing water. Win Win! 

In order to keep botanical butters and oils at their peak of freshness, Kona Kiss starts with purchasing fresh ingredients from trusted suppliers. Many ingredients that Kona Kiss uses are naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial. When needed Kona Kiss uses a non-gmo vitamin E oil in the manufacturing products to naturally preserve butters, as well as rosemary seed extract to prevent oxidization. 


 Product Life

To guarantee freshness, please use products within 6 months of purchase. Muds (Wholesale Only) should be used within 6 months of purchase.


Product Integrity & Safety

Botanical butters will naturally solidify or bead up when they become too cold, or melt when they become too warm. Please store products between 62-80 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain product integrity. Should butters start to bead up in your serum, they likely became too cold. Simply place the bottled product in a cup of hot water and let sit for 15 minutes, shake, then refrigerate for 15 minutes and let adjust to room temperature before use. Do not leave products in a vehicle on a warm day. Should your product melt, simply stir and refrigerate for 15 minutes, then let adjust to room temperature before use. 

Do not add water to Kona Kiss products. They are waterless and do not contain synthetic preservatives. To avoid compromising body polish, please scoop from jar with dry fingers or applicator, and do not leave product open in the shower. Floors and showers may become slippery.  Just like with any scrubs, butters, and oils drains may. Please be careful and wipe down floors, showers and use proper catchers for drains.

Allergens: Our products are manufactured and packaged in a facility that handles kukui nut oil, shea nut oil, avocado, and coconut oil. Our vitamin E is a naturally derived isolate that comes from non-GMO soybeans extracted into a non-GMO sunflower oil which acts as the carrier which guarantees that it is a gluten free form of vitamin E.  A complete list of ingredients can be found here, however please check the product label before use in the event ingredients have been updated. Kona Kiss products are concentrated and powerful for fast results. Patch test is encouraged before use.

Due to the photosensitive nature of citrus oils, please wait a minimum of 24 hours before full sun exposure!

 If adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use immediately and consult a physician.

FDA disclaimer: None of our statements have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. We do not recommend the use of our products as a substitute for medical care.

We do not claim that our products beautify, promotes attractiveness, or alter appearance.


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