"Health and fitness have always been something that I've tried to focus on for myself.  Along with trying to maintain a healthy body, I enjoy focusing on my skin and love to try to keep a fresh, youthful appearance.  When Jeanne told me about her new products that would help with all of the above, I was so excited to try them!

I've been using these products for about a month now and have seen incredible results!  Something I've always been insecure about was my forehead.  I was "blessed" with some major forehead wrinkles and have never been able to find a product to reduce them.  In just under a month, my forehead is drastically smoother!  I've also developed age spots on my face over the last few years and they have been something I've just tried to cover up, as I could never find a way to get rid of them.  I'm seeing a major difference in them as well and am not even feeling compelled to cover them anymore!

I have had 4 babies.  So my body is not what it was when I was 20 no matter what I do.  I have stretch marks that I've always tried to work on, but have never been successful.  I've been using the Golden Perfection on them and they are DISAPPEARING!!  Some of them are almost 18 years old and they are GOING AWAY!  :)   On top of that, my legs and buttocks are trouble areas for me for cellulite.  I workout and do lunges and squats and still can't seem to get rid of that.  But after using the Fat Blaster and cupping in those areas, my cellulite is almost gone!  My thighs no longer touch, which was huge for me because that's also an area I've always focused on and couldn't seem to make much difference in.  

I tend to retain water in my stomach area.  Especially different times of the month.  I can not believe the difference I have seen in my stomach since using the Slimming product!  My husband and I were getting ready for a banquet the other night and I had nothing that looked or felt good on me.  My stomach was bloated and I looked 4 months pregnant.  I used the Slimming product and cups and saw instant results!  My pooch went down and I felt so much more confident in my dress that evening!  My husband even noticed the difference.  

Besides the physical changes I've seen, I've also noticed significant emotional improvement!  I didn't even realize I was doing something for my emotions by doing all of this but I have come out of my funk and am just so much happier!  My husband even pointed out that I didn't have PMS this month!  

The results I've seen in less that a month have been unbelievable!  I am feeling so much better physically and mentally, and am so glad I've been Kona Kissed!"

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