"I just want to help you the way I have been helped.  I am an overcomer, prayer group leader, mom of four, interior decorator, and my heart beats to serve others and to glorify God.  Healthy family and a healthy home is top priority.

I struggle with several autoimmune diseases so I get infusions every eight weeks.  Though thankful for a drug that helps get me by, I felt like I wasn’t living life to its fullest, and I don’t like the idea of the possible long term side effects of my infusions. I had lost my vibrancy, energy, and felt as if I was aging quickly. Everything in my body hurt.  I even questioned if I was depressed on some days.  I was feeling anxious and frustrated. I felt limited. My feet hurt so badly even when walking my dog around the block. I couldn’t even do my regular gym workouts any longer. I was starting to gain weight and my stomach was bloated and painful.  I knew I was on the “Cadillac of drugs” and I feared it was no longer working.

When Jeanne invited me to try Kona Kiss I was at a really hard place and totally depleted. I had been investing in others for years and giving all my energy: caregiving for dying loved ones, the roles of motherhood, and had just planned and re-planned my only daughter’s wedding during the pandemic.  I had been giving away all that I had, mentally, emotionally, and physically year after year, and had not been investing properly in self-care.  I finally paused and really looked at myself and evaluated how I was doing.  Though I hid it well, I was aging fast. I felt exhausted and it was beginning to be very obvious.   I was spiritually alive and well and I kept hearing God whisper, “Do you trust me?”.  Trust is a hard one for me because of my past.  There was a lot of dysfunction and neglect and very unhealthy living surrounding me in my years before marriage.  I am strong believer in staying active and physically fit.  With stress, and life, and aging (now almost 50 and perimenopausal), the gym /exercise just wasn’t enough anymore. I felt unbalanced and unhealthy.  

Through Jeanne’s thoughtful plans and pampering she has been helping to restore me.  This excites me for two reasons: One, I have a dream of going off the infusion drug. Two, I want to pass down a legacy of help, kindness, joy, strength, and wisdom to others so that my family and those I meet can live each moment of life to the fullest.

Fast forward 30 days, I am absolutely blown away!  Kona Kiss products are the most luxurious and pure anti-aging spa products that I have found that can be delivered to our homes and enjoyed. They are fabulous!  I am on a journey to becoming the best version of myself. I am experiencing decreased pain in my feet and I am no longer bloated and hurting! The pounds are coming off and my yoga pants no longer roll at the waistline when bending or sitting.  I have energy and my hormones feel balanced.  I look in the mirror and my face isn’t puffy any longer and the deep wrinkle lines are softening. I love how my cheeks and jawline are more defined!  My skin feels beautiful and my vibrancy is back! I am so incredibly over-joyed with what is happening.  I look forward to the amazing and unbelievable changes that will come over the next 30 days both inside and out!  Join me on the journey and let’s renew our hope, energy, and beauty. Take a leap of faith with me and be Kona Kissed for a lifetime."  

Living on Purpose for a Purpose,

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Shelli Pomajzl