Shelli's wishlist routine
☑️Cleanse face 
☑️Brush teeth, doTerra onguard whitening toothpaste
☑️Quick kona kiss face cupping to drain & lift
☑️Start diffusers
☑️Water with citrus oils and take supplements
☑️coffee and quiet time
☑️Devotional with my kids
☑️Get boys off to school
☑️Breakfast with more water, LLV, and additional doTerra supplements
☑️ organize Household 
☑️Meal plan/prep for dinner 
☑️ Makeup/hair etc
☑️Business Hours
☑️ Lunch(doterra shakes), doTerra supplements, lots of water with citrus oils, connecting with others
☑️Business Hours
☑️After school healthy snack, supplements, water with citrus oil, veggie caps with 1/2 slim and sassy & 1/2 ginger, mitomax2
☑️Protein smoothies
☑️ Household chores while preparing dinner
☑️Dinner, LLV, supplements /Sports
☑️ Family time /Sports
☑️Tidy up/plan
☑️Family Prayer and share
☑️Shower with vichy bar/ Kona Kiss Body Cupping, Face cupping, doTerra supplements, read positive motivation, verse
☑️rub legs and feet with Kona Kiss therapeutic oils, apply Kona kiss anti-aging lip plum
☑️Sweet Dreams