Make sure you have checked with your Doctor before starting diet, exercise, Kona Kiss and Cupping to see if they are right for you.
Natural facelift
Golden Perfection
Hawaiian Beauty Face Oil
Facial cups- amazon
Facial Video
Hawaiian Beauty Vichy Bar
Hawaiian Beauty Cupping Oil
Fat and Cellulite
Fat Blaster Vichy Bar
Fat Blaster Cupping Oil
Water retention & excess fluids
Slimming Vichy Bar
Slimming Cupping Oil
Supporting Muscles
Muscle Madness Vichy Bar
Muscle Madness Cupping Oil
Therapy Body Cups- amazon
Or Saran Wrap
Belly Video
Legs, buttocks and thighs video
Vichy Video
Daily Affirmations-each Kona Kiss bottle has a Bible verse of inspiration. Daily speak uplifting worlds to yourself and others.
Pictures-take before pictures.
Front, side and back
Journal-write down daily and weekly activity.
What is your goal? How are you feeling? List Daily food, drinks, movement etc
Measurements-neck, arms, chest, upper belly, belly, lower belly, hips, thighs, and calves.
Weight-one way to tell if your body is sensitive to the food you are eating is to journal your food and weigh yourself in the am. Sometimes our body has a hard time digesting foods and liquids that are meant to “be good” for us to eat. So monitor what you eat and check...Do you drop? Maintain? Or gain? Then go for the foods that benefit your body type.
Make a stick figure drawing on piece of paper. Write down weight, date, measurements and circle ⭕️ area that are inflamed along with pain level.
Food and drink choices-this journey is yours. You get to pick the foods and drinks that are best for you and your body.
For me I need healthy fats and proteins for my hormone and brain clarity so my goal is to go for more protein, low carbs with healthier fats.
Move Everyday-pick a movement that is fun and fits you. For those of us that gain weight in the belly from stress make sure you do an exercise that’s fun for you. It doesn’t have to be long or hard just move.
Ideas-Dance, swim, play in pool, bike, hike, run, lift weights, walk, yoga, exercise classes etc
Breathe-we need to increase oxygen for cells, muscles, prevent aging etc
Make sure to check the items needed to support the INSIDE.