Bloating -Enzymes- the "Master Key" that makes everything work!
Enzymes are helpful in breaking down food(fats, sugars, carbs, protein..etc) They are responsible in making all things possible in living organisms: Including building body mass, detoxifying major organs, healing injured tissues, digestion, absorbing and converting food into energy, respiratory, cell growth, nerve stimulation, immunity, hormone regulation, repair of organs, glands, reproductive, skin, eczema, muscles....endless...
Terrayme is a combination of digestive enzymes known to help breakdown fats, sugars, carbs, proteins etc and critical for cellular metabolism, digestion and converts nutrients to energy. *Protease-protein to peptides & amino acids Papain-protein *Amylase-carbs, starches sugars *Lipase-fats/oils/ absorb intestine *Lactase-milk & dairy *Alpha Galactosidase-cruciferous veggies/gas & bloating *Cellulase-fruits/veggies *Sucrase-sucrose to fructose & glucose for energy *Anti-Gluten Enzyme Blend-gluten * glucoamylase-starch