Cupping the Body

Now this is not your normal Cupping that you might be used to. Have you ever dry brushed? Are you brushing toward your biggest lymphatic where you can urinate toxins out? If so then this technique will be easy to do. This type of cupping uses long and fairly quick movements. Apply the Cupping Oil to area of concern, gently attach cup lightly on skin to your comfort and in one big movement bring it to where you can urinate it out. Do not cup more than 5 minutes. Keep hydrated, rest always listen to your body.

Before cupping ask your Doctor if this right for you!

Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor. Before starting any DETOX or WEIGHT LOSS program, consult your physician. Cupping is known to stimulate movement, flush toxins, increase circulation, smooth cellulite, tighten, tone, contour, promote cell repair, improve elasticity, stimulate collagen, increase blood flow, relieve muscle tension etc. Consult with Physician to see if cupping is right for you! Avoid cupping on Broken skin, Capillaries, varicose veins, bleeding, anemia, inflamed tissue, injuries, CANCER, diabetes, kidney and live dysfunction, edema, medications, blood thinners, skin issues, etc. If Pregnant ask your Doctor before cupping and NEVER CUP on stomach or lower back when Pregnant. 

 I have had success with my skin, Cellulite, tightening and toning.

Daily focus on the Fat Blaster package Inside and Out!

Exfoliate everyday with KONA KISS VICHY BAR

Apply FAT BLASTER morning and night on areas of concern. 3x a week I use cupping technique. 2x a week I wrap and the other days I use Fat Blaster as moisturizer.  




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