Shelli's SELF-LOVE template

Verse, Saying, or Quote (pick one for yourself)
Psalm 119:9-12
Lord, help me live a clean life. I want to carefully read the road map of your Word. I’m
single-minded in pursuit of You; don’t let me miss the road signs You’ve posted. I’ve
banked Your promises in the vault of my heart so I won’t sin myself bankrupt. Be blessed,
God; train me in Your ways of wise living.
ADD to my daily lifestyle
 Vitamins
 Supplements (list on separate sheet and Kona Kiss Consultant page)
 Diffusing Daily
 Surround myself with good people who are motivating, kind, and inspiring
 Listen to uplifting music and podcasts
 Always sleep with Golden Perfection on my face
 Trusting
 Learn a new skill or sport
 Rest
 Alcohol
 Apps that drain/waste my time
 Sugar
 Clutter
 Unnecessary Running Around
 Long Cardio workouts (do some shorter interval training or yoga)

 Strength training
 Time with people who build me up and challenge me to become better
 Water with lemon, wild orange, or grapefruit oils
 Body Cupping (3-5 times per week on tummy, legs, and buttocks
o shower body cupping saves me time (use Vichy bar then cup)
o target cupping once dry (I use the oil and focus on a specific body area)
o face cupping (Daily)
 I do quick cupping in the morning to lift and drain areas
 After washing face nightly, cup whole face with Hawaiian beauty (5 minute
 Be in Nature: Walks, Biking, Hiking, Photography
 Snacks that are high protein and low sugar
 Berries: Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries
 Nuts
 Nut Butter (look at ingredients, fewer are better (Red Clover will let you make
fresh nut butter)
 Avocado
 Lean Protein
 Spinach
 Dream and Set Goals (create Pinterest board to organize)
 Oils that aren’t olive or coconut or REAL Butter
 TOXINS: slowly find them in my home/life and ask myself what little changes
could I make that would help me feel better / live better?
 Processed Cured Meats
 People who rob my joy
 Negativity
 Gossip
 Gluten

 Do what fills up my cup at least once per week
 Relax at least once per week doing something I personally enjoy
 Breath daily (in through your nose, hold, slowly release) and say positive words
 Find my favorite Bible verses and keep them handy to be reminded how loved I
 Invest a little time monthly rediscovering who I am and loving myself
 Serve or Nurture something or someone – ♥ giving of time & talents ♥
 Reflect on your accomplishments, strengths, and blessings – perhaps a
Gratitude journal
 Reach Out, Share, & Be Brave on this journey – I am going to do some
awesome transforming of myself as I learn to self love
 Connect with a girlfriend or a family member that I have wanted to spend time
with. Meet face to face whenever possible
 More double dates with friends
 Forgiveness (others and self)
 Date with husband / time focusing on each other ♥
 Laugh More… What makes you laugh? Who makes you laugh?
 Be very present wherever I am
 Read More (Bible and books that feed my heart and soul)
 Advocate for my health

This is a guide/suggestions to help you on your self love journey. You can personalize this for your 2021 goals and
for the Kona Kiss Self Love Challenge. Follow Kona_Kiss on Instagram and Facebook and visit for
updates and product information.