Juliette’s Daily Routine
✅ Morning prayer & meditationBrush teeth doTERRA toothpaste/face with doTERRA facial cleanser & toner
✅ Kona Kiss Hawaiian Beauty Facial Cupping Routine
✅ Tuning Fork over face
✅ Seal Face with Golden Perfection & Lip Pump
✅ Shower with Muscle Madness Vichy & cup in shower
✅ Valley Spring Water with lemon oil all day
✅ Seal body with Muscle Madness cupping oil after towel drying
✅ TRE exercises daily with stretches, push ups
✅ Steel oatmeal with apples, raisins, flax seed, almond milk
✅ Green Tea mid-day
✅ LLV vitamins, terrazyme, PB Assist
✅ Tumeric, Zendocrine, Copaiba, Bone Nutrient, MitoMax2, Ginger & Slim n Sassy in a veggie
capsule, Deep Blue (as needed), Yarrow Pom complex, (Adaptiv as needed)
✅ Peppermint essential oil throughout the day as well as diffuse essential oils all day in kitchen, office, bedrooms
✅ Typical dinner: jasmine rice, vegetable stir fry, black beans, arugula salad, tofu
✅ Late day: prayer/meditation/play piano/hum
✅ Second dose of vitamins (as needed)
✅ Brush teeth/wash face - cup or tuning forks before bed
✅ If taking a bath or shower again before bed, use doTERRA homemade bath salts, body cup followed by cupping oil
✅ Seal face with Golden Perfection & Lip Pump
✅ BEMER mat as I pray snd meditate
✅ Sweet Dreams