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Here is an example of Jeanne’s Wishlist routine
✅Tone my face, neck and décolleté with Clary sage essential oil.
✅ Apply all my Kona Kiss 💋 and cup daily on the areas of concern
✅2 Tumeric Capsules, 2 Terrazyme, 1 Zendocrine Softgels and 1 Zendocrine Complex
✅Read the Bible
✅Read daily affirmations from the Kona Kiss bottles(I placed the affirmation on my coffee cups so I have them with me all day)
✅Drink my water with lemon and/or citrus oils all day
✅Take Terrazyme 3 x a day, the supplements LLV, Bone Nutrient and yarrow/Pom complex 2x a day. PB assist 1 x a day,  Metabolic Blend(slim n sassy and ginger essential oil in veggie capsule 3x a day.
✅Take time to Eat foods that help build muscles, support my hormones, heal my gut, burn belly fat and feed my brain!
✅Dance...put on music 🎶 and move!
✅Relax my brain by watching a show or movie
✅Exfoliate my body with a Kona Kiss 💋 Vichy Bar while taking a nice warm 🛀 essential oil bath.
✅wash my face, neck and décolleté with Verage facial cleanser.
✅ Tone my face, neck and décolleté with Clary sage essential oil.
✅Apply Kona Kiss 💋 all over my face and body, read my Bible, take an adaptiv capsule and 2 Copaiba Softgels, say my prayers and go to bed