Muscle & Joint discomfort
Healthy INFLAMMATORY RESPONSE is another key factor in overall health. *Deep blue Polyphenols made with Frankincense, Turmeric, ginger, and polyphenol extracts designed to provide soothing support to aching muscles and to other occasional discomfort."
*TUMERIC DUAL CHAMBER CAPSULES-combo of both turmeric essential oil with joint support of the curcuminoids of turmeric extract in a unique and convenient delivery system to help support healthy inflammatory response" *COPAIBA SOFTGELS -powerful antioxidants to promote the health of cardiovascular, immune, digestive, respiratory and nervous system.
help rebuild tissue, regulate nerve, muscles, hydration etc.
*Bone nutrient “Contains vitamin D2 and D3 known to help bones absorb calcium. Provides optimal levels of vitamins and minerals essential for developing and maintaining healthy bone mass and density, and overall health. Provides 100% of the recommended daily amounts of calcium and magnesium. Proprietary formula of the highest quality bone nutrients in bioavailable forms. Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium known to help nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments, metabolism.
No energy-
Our MUSCLES require lots of ENERGY to work all day long and require even more during and even after a workout! “As we age our body's mitochondrial function becomes less efficient." Mitochondria is known as the "POWERHOUSE" of the cell.
*Mito2Max contains energy and stamina complex that enhances mitochondria function, supports stamina and endurance, helps the body adapt more quickly to the diverse activities of life, and helps increase mental energy. Mito2Max promotes efficient production of ATP(Adenosine triphosphate) in the mitochondria of cells. Mito2Max is known for optimal mitochondrial function-energy without stimulants.