Jan's story

Why did you jump into Kona KISS®?

“I jumped into Kona Kiss because I needed help with my outside body and my confidence with my body. I was ashamed that I had let myself get like this and my inside was in a funk that I just did not care what I looked like anymore. Then I had this really good friend that has lost almost 100 lbs and she inspired me to do the same. Then I saw a post on Facebook about Self Love Challenge so I did something I had done in my younger years of feeling bullied by a supervisor looked in that mirror and asked myself who is going to take care of YOU that gal in the mirror answered back and said Hello you are the only one that can do that stand up for yourself and let them know you are not going to tolerate them bullying you. So next day I confronted that supervisor and I felt so good from then on I became more vocal and not the shy girl that set back. I still struggle with large groups but get me one on one or small group look out. When the Kona Kiss self Love challenge came about I looked in that mirror and said “YOU deserve this!!!”...but then I told myself “you don’t need to spend that money on yourself!” I did this for about a week then I said “you know what? You are not getting any younger so take care of yourself inside and out.” So at that moment I jumped in and I am that person that when I make that jump I am in with both feet and give it my all. Wow I’m so happy I did. This little village of support has been awesome. I’m HAPPY again. Jan is BACK look out.”

How has this helped you...


“ I was having a lot of pain in my hip went to my chiropractor and he said Jan you have bursitis so I was doing Deep Blue and exercises but was not helping. So I thought just live with cuz it is not going to go away. Little to be know once I started Kona Kiss Fat Blaster Vichy and cupping within two weeks the pain was almost gone. I thought no way. Today I have no pain unless I lay on that side and then it is minimal. I also had ACL on knee many years ago and times it would act up and since Kona Kiss pain has subsided. Love me some Kona Kiss."


“I was in a big funk hated myself was angry at everyone all the time work and home. My family was afraid to ask anything cuz I may bite their head off. I didn’t care about my well being which effected my sleep habit and energy. Once I started The challenge and got into the routine I could see results but the most important thing to me was I was pampering myself. Something I have never done. Now I get angry if I can’t work it in my schedule. I maybe tired and think I’m not going to vichy or cup tonight but when I get in the shower I grab the Vichy bar and the gotta cup that belly for sure. Love my Kona Kiss.”

Reading Affirmations?

“ I go to konakiss.com to Affirmations. I love reading daily the verses for each bottle! I also can’t wait to get on Facebook and check out what is new on Kona Kiss and our Challenge group to see what my village is doing new and to see all suggestions anyone may have. Grab one of my oil books to read ideas to help not only me but family. “

Do you LOVE yourself more?

“I ask this question daily and each day now I can say YES!!! I AM SOMEONE and it does not matter what others think anymore as I am me and I will take care of myself and not worry about what ANYBODY thinks or says about me and how I look. I want them to see this transformation.” Age? “I am 61 and at first I thought you are to old to start doing this kind of stuff cuz whom are you trying to impress. Well I can answer that now. I want to impress myself. And aging I have fear of getting old so all of this anti aging is key. But knowing that it is all natural and I am not putting chemicals into my body. I am not old anymore. The new Jan. “ Did you change your diet and exercise program using KONA KISS®? “Before I started the challenge I was dieting pretty hard and lost 20 lbs going to gym at least 5 nights a week. After I started the challenge I did cut back more so to how cold it was out and when I got home from work I did not want to go back out and I thought ok here we go I’m just wasting my money but today I weighed myself and have not lost any weight and I was pumped. Fist bump yahoo. I would usually beat myself up and say we’ll think of where you would be if you would eat healthier and exercise but I did not. It made go take pictures and to my surprise all I could say was “WOW!!!”


How did you transform?

“Every morning I do massage facelift then rub fat blaster on belly and arms and put on my tummy controller ( I started out with XL went down to medium and will be getting another smaller one) I wear it all day until I get home. I keep cupping oil at work and I work on my jowls and next try to do it twice at work. Night short and cup with Vichy bar pat dry and right into Fat Blaster cupping oil legs bottom to top, then to the arms down to the sides love handles then I work hard on the tummy. Facelift next cupping entire face.”

“My transformation I could tell was awesome as I had put three notches in my belt to hold my jeans up. And now I can slide my jeans off without unbuttoning them. My arms don’t feel as flabby and thighs don’t rub together like they did. Stretch marks are almost gone as well. But my belly is going down so I don’t look like I’m nine months pregnant lol maybe four months. Still have always to go but so impressed where I am at today. These products work and what I love is you don’t smell like a medicine cabinet all day long. “ Weight. “I lost 20 lb before I started Kona Kiss and three months in I have not lost. I always weighed before because I had to see a loss and if I didn’t bam done as this is not working but when I weighed today I was like yes no loss but no gain as I knew I had lost inches. I don’t get on the scale daily anymore because actually I don’t worry about weight as I know I am toning up which is more important. My advice...Toss the scale!” Inches? “...well I will be honest I do not measure. I go by the way my clothes feel. The are lose so I know I am going in the right direction.”

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