Andrea's Testimony

Why Kona Kiss?
I jumped into Kona Kiss because of the natural products used and I saw the transformation being made by others before and after pictures. 
How is this help me physically and emotionally? 
I LOST A TOTAL OF 14.5 inches and counting! I feel better in my clothes now.  My belly doesn’t hang over my jeans and my muffin top is going away. 
Reading affirmations...
I love reading affirmations especially since they have helped me in my healing with anxiety and OCD! 
Do you love yourself more?
Yes I love myself more!!!
I am age 48 
Did you change your diet and exercise?
 Yes!  I eat more protein in a day that is the biggest change I’ve made. 
I have also added protein shakes every day and get the remaining protein in my food in a day. 
I also started with at least 30 minutes of movement a day and now with the temperatures warming outside I try and get out for a long walk at least 2 miles.  
Routine on the outside?
I cup with fat Blaster then switch to sexy summer! The days I don’t cup I wear a Slimming undergarment for at least a few hours after applying the cupping oils. I have rubbed the cupping oil on before my walks.
Routine Internally?
I feel what we fuel our bodies with on the inside plays a big factor on how we feel on the outside. My life change for the better after I discovered an amazing essential oil company and their supplements. You see it started with a setback with my anxiety and OCD in October 2017. My anxiety and OCD got intense. I felt like I wanted to crawl out of my skin and just crawl into a corner. But I wasn’t about to give up! So I looked for something better than taking more medications. I found this amazing essential oil company and as I started to take the supplements and essential oils my body began to heal itself.  
One year and five months journey and with the help of my Doctor I am now officially off my medication! This is huge because I was on the highest dose on my anxiety and OCD medication for a lot of years! I feel better than I have ever felt in a really long time! So I am here to tell you you can do this as well with the right nutrients! You’re not alone! I’m here to help along with your Doctor. 
My routine internally 
2x a day
Lifelong Vitality(vitamins)
Tumeric dual capsules
Collagen and magnesium 
3x a day ginger and slim n sassy
Premium Protein shakes & Greens daily
1 x a week doTERRA Fiber
Copaiba sofgels, serenity capsules and adaptiv when needed 
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